Now Poland!

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After many years of being in the board of the International Feng Shui Association in Singapore, Jacek Kryg was given the task of opening a branch of the Association, also in Poland. To achieve this objective, he mobilized the most persistent students of his school of Feng Shui - School Without Borders, they managed to gather a group of people interested in the deep level of knowledge in order to proudly represent IFSA in Poland.

Global reach

IFSA was born in Southeast Asia, and more specifically in Singapore where it was registered in 2004. Bringing together internationally recognized practitioners, quickly gained the status of the most respected organizations dealing with issues of professional Feng Shui and expanded its business first in the area of the whole of Asia, and then also in Australia and Europe. Currently actively working members of the associations, we can find in India, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Romania, Germany, and now in Poland.

What Association can give us?

IFSA Polska

The main goal of the Association is to spread the knowledge of professional feng shui. On the one hand they make available teaching materials, the analysis of the astrological events of our contemporaries and the analysis of extraordinary or controversial building but on the other hand, they analyze with constructive criticism materials or myths about Feng Shui, which already had time to settle in our consciousness. Because of those members of the Association are confident that their knowledge is reliable, that could avoid simplifications and commercial warping or dishonest approach to the subject.

Worth to read

Everyone should be familiar with our statutory documents, and above all, the regulations and the type of memberships.

Be aware that...

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The Aspiring member, can benefit from this kind of membership only once - when he begins the adventure of IFSA Poland. The people dealing with issues of Feng Shui running their own practice, are required to adhere to the principle of "Full Member". For more information about the types of membership you can read in the list of types of memberships.

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